Monday, October 6, 2014

F Me + Mommy Meltdown = Wine

So I burnt those dumb Pilsbury Halloween cookies. You know the ones that you just literally take out of the package and then plop them on a tray? I burnt those. Then I tried to trick my son into eating them. He says..."Mmmmm I even love them when you burn them". I act shocked like I have no idea what hes talking about. "You know mom? When the bottom of them are black??"
I still pretend I have no idea what hes talking about.

Then I check the mail and Hail Mary!!! Sawmill Creek has smelt my baking and has sent help.

This #BzzAgent Sawmill Creek Simple Sipping kit has come right in time. Time for a meltdown Mommy Style. I also failed to mention I set off the fire alarm tonight cooking hotdogs. The stove was on fire. I would have #Twitpic'd it but I was too busy dealing with the 4 screaming kids and a fire alarm that was trying to prove a point. If there was a really big fire I would have got the kids outside then booked it to the Wine Rack to pick up some liquid gold. I really can't wait to try this out. I am a white wine drinker, BIGTIME. Well that came across wrong. Not Bigtime like I drink alot...whatever..Im too tired to argue with you my friends....all I want to do is stare at the bottle of wine and wish that it somehow make it into my veins. I'd like an I.V. of Sauvignon Blanc stat!

Props to Sawmill Creek for sending this out right when I thought these 4 kids were going to be the death of me. Ill be making sure I take good care of you!! Can't wait to try this!


Friday, October 3, 2014

Moms R Us

This morning was a coffee morning. I was up all night with a baby who Im trying to get out of co-sleeping with. This is the only baby out of 4 that co-sleep with. For some reason I feel like she needs me more that the others. Maybe because I feel like she doesn't get the attention that the others did when they were babies. Anyways, I'm trying trying trying to get her in the crib but I cave. Hence coffee.

I woke up (well I was already up) got the 3 older ones up, breakfast, dressed, hair and teeth brushed. Thank god its Pizza day. I dont have the energy to fight with them over why they have to eat 3 measly carrots at lunch. 2 permission forms plus money needs to be sent to school today, book order and book fair money (they chose one or the other). Spelling test review and agendas need to be packed. I need a moment already because its NUTS HERE!

I take my phone to the bathroom to catch up on my facebook, email, texts (It sounds gross but its my only down time.) BOOM the door gets busted open by my 2 year old. I shut it on my 6 year olds hand. F U C......... Ugggggh!

Then I remember its mommy day today. I've recently made great friends with a few local moms who also feel stuck in their homes. They are seriously a group of great women. We are all so different but similar. So I feel comfortable and don't feel any "competition" or bitchiness from them. So its a relief. Conversation flows easily and coffee gets chugged.

Listening to the ladies talk today, really made me glad that I have actual adults to speak to. And how much I need to get out. Its funny how they say that you lose your friends when you have kids. Unless you have kids, its honestly hard to keep that connection with other adults unless you really try, or are pretty solid. Ive seen it happen. Ive been there. You end up passing each other like ships in the night when you used to be on the same boat.

It made me think about how much my life revolves around my family. My entire life. I think I need something more. Something stimulating. Don't get me wrong. I love my family but I need more.

How will I know what I want?

Right now its coffee. Thank you Maxwell House.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The past has become the present.

Every once in awhile, I log into twitter. I log in and remember what my social media life used to be. A thriving exciting blog with people actually waiting in baited breath for my next story. Being featured on different websites, going to events, reviewing product, meeting people left right and centre. My Twitter life was outta control amazing. This was 4 years ago when people didn't know what a tweet was. But that life was deleted, and a new one has emerged. This of a family life.

Do I wish sometimes I could go back and live it all again? Heck yeah. But I made my choices, and only I can live with my decisions. I wouldn't give up my life now for anything. But as a mom of 4 kids, and fairly young ones, I wonder what it is I'm really supposed to be doing. I have 5 more months of maternity leave, so before I go back to pushing pills at the pharmacy, Ill give my hand at what I was good at.

Ill try this over again.

I was reviewing a product for @Pantene this week and it said "give us your blogging information". All I could think about was my blog and how much fun it was before. Maybe that is what Im supposed to be doing. Maybe Im a kick ass mother, and a good blogger. Maybe I can make people laugh, and think and yearn for my posts once again. I need to find my groove.

Maybe this is it.

Uggghhhhh! Post over.... Baby needs boobs!