Thursday, October 2, 2014

The past has become the present.

Every once in awhile, I log into twitter. I log in and remember what my social media life used to be. A thriving exciting blog with people actually waiting in baited breath for my next story. Being featured on different websites, going to events, reviewing product, meeting people left right and centre. My Twitter life was outta control amazing. This was 4 years ago when people didn't know what a tweet was. But that life was deleted, and a new one has emerged. This of a family life.

Do I wish sometimes I could go back and live it all again? Heck yeah. But I made my choices, and only I can live with my decisions. I wouldn't give up my life now for anything. But as a mom of 4 kids, and fairly young ones, I wonder what it is I'm really supposed to be doing. I have 5 more months of maternity leave, so before I go back to pushing pills at the pharmacy, Ill give my hand at what I was good at.

Ill try this over again.

I was reviewing a product for @Pantene this week and it said "give us your blogging information". All I could think about was my blog and how much fun it was before. Maybe that is what Im supposed to be doing. Maybe Im a kick ass mother, and a good blogger. Maybe I can make people laugh, and think and yearn for my posts once again. I need to find my groove.

Maybe this is it.

Uggghhhhh! Post over.... Baby needs boobs!


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